Traffic light modules and time panels

Led moduls for traffic lights MS-200, MS-300


The LED module (MS) contains more than a hundred of semiconductor light-emitting diodes of red, yellow or green glow, evenly spaced in a matrix under the polycarbonate’s colorless glass diffuser.

Transport Modules with timing MSI/MS-200(300)-ZH-KZ-AT

Traffic light modules and time panels

The MSI/MS-300-Zh-KZ-AT and MSI/MS-200-Zh-KZ-AT LED modules differ from conventional traffic light modules in that they have an integrated time display. The scoreboard displays the countdown in seconds, which remains until the red or green traffic lights turn off.

Pedestrian modules with timing MSI/MS

Светофорное оборудование

LED modules MSI/MS-200(300)-KP-Z(ZP-K)-AT differ from conventional modules of pedestrian traffic lights by the presence of a time display displaying the countdown of the working signal operation time. The color of the countdown digits corresponds to the color of the traffic light on.