Transport Modules with timing MSI/MS-200(300)-ZH-KZ-AT

Traffic light modules and time panels

The MSI/MS-300-Zh-KZ-AT and MSI/MS-200-Zh-KZ-AT LED modules differ from conventional traffic light modules in that they have an integrated time display. The scoreboard displays the countdown in seconds, which remains until the red or green traffic lights turn off.

The color of the countdown indication digits corresponds to the color of the traffic light on. When the yellow traffic light is turned on, the yellow signal section works like a normal traffic light.

When operating in the traffic control mode, the scoreboard measures the actual duration of the red and green traffic lights in real time and displays their countdown. MSI/MS-300-Zh-KZ-AT and MSI/MS-200-Zh-KZ-AT LED modules are compatible with all types of road controllers and traffic lights used.

The use of MSI/MS-300-Zh-KZ-AT and MSI/MS-200-Zh-KZ-AT LED modules provides vehicle drivers with additional information about the time until the red or green traffic lights turn off, allows them to assess the possibility of crossing the intersection without creating an emergency situations, prepare to start driving, or turn off the engine when waiting for a long time. This significantly increases road safety, saves fuel and improves the environmental situation at the traffic light facility.

The MSI/MS-300-Zh-KZ-AT and MSI/MS-200-Zh-KZ-AT modules do not require any special installation conditions, but are mounted directly into the housings of ordinary transport traffic lights that are already in operation.


  • Diffuser working surface diameter, mm 300/200
  • Rated supply voltage, V 220 +/- 40
  • Power consumption, W, no more than 15
  • Light intensity of yellow signal, Cd, not less than 300
  • Size of time counting digits, mm, not less than 172х90/116х60
  • Ambient temperature range, ˚С from - 40 to +60