Pedestrian modules with timing MSI/MS

Светофорное оборудование

LED modules MSI/MS-200(300)-KP-Z(ZP-K)-AT differ from conventional modules of pedestrian traffic lights by the presence of a time display displaying the countdown of the working signal operation time. The color of the countdown digits corresponds to the color of the traffic light on.

The use of scoreboards in pedestrian traffic lights significantly increases traffic safety, allowing pedestrians, especially those with disabilities, to evaluate the possibility of crossing the carriageway without creating an emergency.

The MSI/MS-200(300)-KP-Z(ZP-K)-AT modules do not require special installation conditions, but are mounted directly into the housings of ordinary two-section traffic lights that are already in operation. To connect the MSI/MS-200(300)-KP-Z(ZP-K)-AT, it is not necessary to select separate power circuits and change the operating programs of the road controller. LED modules with a scoreboard are compatible with all types of road controllers used in Ukraine and comply with all mandatory requirements of the national standard DSTU 4092-2002.


  • Diffuser working surface diameter, mm 200/300
  • Rated supply voltage, V 220 +/- 40
  • Rated supply voltage, V 220 +/- 40
  • Axial luminous intensity of signals, Cd, not less than 50
  • Size of time counting digits, mm, not less than 128х66/172х90
  • Ambient temperature range, ˚С from - 40 to +60