Mission and objectives


  • development and production of competitive products;
  • customer care;
  • fair satisfaction of wants of its employees and owners;
  • respect for the person and society, attention to the social sphere;
  • environmental care.


Effective, successful and market-leading enterprise capable to meet the requirements of consumers and caring of its employees.

Core values:

  • central role of the consumer;
  • orientation on result, achievement of the objectives;
  • teamwork, cooperation and partnership;
  • lifelong learning;
  • positive humanitarian and social environment;
  • honesty and respectability, universal and professional ethics;
  • reliability and responsibility.

Strategic orientation:

  • company value accumulation and its ability to create steady profit for a long time;
  • retention and continuous expansion of the market share, fast and flexible response to change market environment and the activities of competitors;
  • loyalty, trust and preference of consumers;
  • relationships with interested parties in enterprise activity based on partnership, transparency and fairness, the distribution of benefits between the parties according to their contribution;
  • safety of life, health and environmental safety of products and processes;
  • cooperation with the authorities and management, support for social services.

Well-established objectives in the field of quality:

  • to comply with requirements and constantly to increase the effectiveness of quality management system;
  • to understand current and future customer needs, meet their requirements and strive to exceed their expectations;
  • continuous learning and increasing staff competence;
  • involvement of all employees in implementation of missions and achievement of the objectives, activities for continuous improvement;
  • mutually beneficial and partnership relations with suppliers and business partners;
  • continuous improvement of performance index of the company.