Led moduls for traffic lights MS-200, MS-300


The LED module (MS) contains more than a hundred of semiconductor light-emitting diodes of red, yellow or green glow, evenly spaced in a matrix under the polycarbonate’s colorless glass diffuser.

The sizes of glass diffuser 200 mm or 300 mm and a special pulsed secondary power supply ensures stable operation of the module.

Necessary symbols (arrows, figures) performed as stencils on the inside glass-diffuser.

Stabilization of the supply current of LEDs provides the desired light power when ambient temperature changes from - 40 ° C to 60 ° C, and when changing the power supply voltage of 180 to 260 volts.

The LEDs are arranged so, that in case of failure up to 20% of the total number of LEDs, the light flux will not decrease.

Light intensity, direction and color characteristics of the LEDs modules correspond to DSTU 4092-2002.

LED's modules have a reserve of luminous flux power not less than 30%, which would compensate for the loss of luminous flux, which ensures compliance with the requirements of DSTU 4092-2002 during the whole life-period of modules.

Full life time of the modules not less than 20 years.

MC modules can be supplied separately to upgrade lamp's traffic lights and for other applications at the discretion of the customer as a source of light signals.

MC modules are compatible with all types of traffic controllers used in Ukraine.

The modules design allows to install them in the corps lamp's traffic lights instead of incandescent lamps, which greatly will increase the reliability of the traffic lights, will eliminate ghost effects (false illumination from the sun), and will decrease power consumption in 8 - 10 times, as well as multiple reduced maintenance costs.