Road Signs

Sign 2.2 "Stop"

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Road sign "Stop" refers to a group of priority road signs. The sign is installed directly in front of the intersection or a narrow section of the road. Road sign 2.2-1-AT LED with internal lighting, one-sided.

Sign 5.38.1 / 5.38.2 "Pedestrian crossing" with a border

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The road sign "Pedestrian crossing" belongs to the group of road information signs. The sign is designed to inform and warn road users about the presence of a pedestrian crossing. The LED sign is two-sided, is made with internal lighting, and has an additional external border of yellow color.

Information board "Your speed"

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The information board "Your speed", further the board intended for measurement and display of speed of vehicles (TK). It is installed on sections of public roads, where it is necessary to draw the attention of drivers to the speed limit.