Traffic Lights

Traffic lights P1.1(1.2)-AT

traffic light equipment

Traffic lights P1.1-AT and P1.2-AT are intended for regulation of the pedestrian traffic at pedestrian crossings. The LED modules (MS) of red and green colors are used in traffic lights P1.2-AT as a light source.

Traffic lights T1.1(1.3)-KZ-AT

traffic light equipment

LED red-green and red-yellow traffic lights are developed for the organization of the vehicular traffic in territories of the enterprises, and also for improving safety of traffic and efficiency of their work.

Traffic lights T1.3.TVCh2-01(T1.1.TVCh1-01) - AT

Traffic light equipment

Traffic lights T1.3.TVCh2-01-AT and T1.1.TVCh1-01-AT differs from usual traffic lights in the panel which is a built-in section of a signal of the yellow color displaying countdown remaining before switching off of red or green signals of the traffic light.

Duplicate traffic lights T3.1-AT


LED traffic lights T 3.1-AT designed to duplicate the traffic lights T 1.1 - T 1.12, if their visibility is difficult for the driver.

Traffic lights T5.1-AT


 Transportation traffic lights series T 5.1-AT designed to regulation trams traffic, as well as buses and trolleybuses, which move by special dedicated lane.

Traffic lights P1.1.TVCh1-01(P1.2.TVCh2-01) - AT

traffic light equipment

Traffic lights P1.1.TVCh1-01-AT and P1.2.TVCh2-01-AT are intended for regulation of the pedestrian traffic. They differ from usual pedestrian traffic lights in the integrated countdown panel.

Traffic lights T1.1-T1.17-AT and T2.1-T2.18-AT

traffic light equipment

LED transport traffic lights (T-AT) are intended for traffic control of vehicles during passage through the signal controlled intersections and other difficult sections of road system.

Traffic lights T7.1-T7.4-AT

Traffic light equipment

For designation of unregulated intersections, pedestrian crossings, and also in cases when visibility of a dangerous road zone isn't provided it is necessary to use autonomoc traffic lights T7.1-AT, T7.2-AT, T7.3-AT, T7.4-AT.

Traffic lights for bike roads T 3-V-AT

svet velo

    LED traffic lights T3-V-AT was intended for traffic control on bicycle's or pedestrian's roads, on the crossroads with pedestrian's or bicycle's roads and other difficult sections of roads system.



Traffic lights for pedestrian crossings T 7.3-1-DSU-75-AT, T 7.3-1-DSU-85-AT, T 7.3-1-DSU-120-AT, T 7.3-2-DSU-75-AT, T 7.3 -2-DSU-85-AT, T 7.3-2-DSU-120-AT are designed for use at unregulated intersections, pedestrian crossings, as well as in cases where the visibility of a dangerous section of the road is not provided, and when it is necessary to additionally illuminate the pedestrian crossing or a dangerous stretch of road.