Traffic Control Systems

Road Controller DK-AT

Road controller DK-AT

Road controller DK-AT is designed to control traffic signals at a local (separate) intersection, has the ability to pre-program various time programs and the function of automatic self-diagnosis. DK-AT complies with the requirements of national standards of Ukraine DSTU

Pedestrian calling board TVP-AT

Системы управления движением

The pedestrian calling board TVP-AT is intended for issuing by a pedestrian at a pedestrian traffic light crossing a request to turn on the green signal of a pedestrian traffic light and to inform a pedestrian about the acceptance of such a request.

Sound Alarm Device PZS1-АТ

Системы управления движением

The PZS1-AT sound signaling device is designed to duplicate the light signals of a pedestrian traffic light with sound signals in order to help blind or visually impaired pedestrians locate a pedestrian crossing and perceive traffic signals.

Traffic light control panel PKC-AT

Системи управління рухом

Traffic light control panel PKS-AT (next remote) designed for manual switching red or green signals displayed by a traffic light (or a group of traffic lights).