Traffic lights T7.1-T7.4-AT

Traffic light equipment

For designation of unregulated intersections, pedestrian crossings, and also in cases when visibility of a dangerous road zone isn't provided it is necessary to use autonomoc traffic lights T7.1-AT, T7.2-AT, T7.3-AT, T7.4-AT.

Traffic lights T7.1-AT and T7.2-AT consist of two sections and operate in the mode of alternate switching-on of yellow signals. Traffic lights T7.3-AT and T7.4-AT consist of one section and operate in the flashing mode of a yellow signal. Frequency of signals flashing – 1 second.

The traffic light T7.1-AT, T7.2-AT, T7.3-AT, T7.4-AT in comparison with usual lamp traffic lights consumes 10 times less the electric power, has operational expenses 15-17 times lower. They have no “phantom” effect and conform to all requirements of Ukrainian standards. They are certified.


  • Nominal voltage 220 (± 40)V; 50 Hz
  • Power consumption of one section of the traffic light, no more than 12 W
  • Application in climatic conditions from – 40°C to +60°C
  • LED modules MS Ø 200; 300 mm
  • Full service life not less than 20 years
  • Warranty period - 5 years

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