Traffic lights for pedestrian crossings T 7.3-1-DSU-75-AT, T 7.3-1-DSU-85-AT, T 7.3-1-DSU-120-AT, T 7.3-2-DSU-75-AT, T 7.3 -2-DSU-85-AT, T 7.3-2-DSU-120-AT are designed for use at unregulated intersections, pedestrian crossings, as well as in cases where the visibility of a dangerous section of the road is not provided, and when it is necessary to additionally illuminate the pedestrian crossing or a dangerous stretch of road.

The device includes T7.3-AT traffic lights (1 or 2, depending on the modification) and a DKU 75/85/120 LED lamp, depending on the modification. Traffic lights contain a control circuit that provides a flashing traffic light. The traffic lights work autonomously, without being connected to a road controller or other external control device. The luminaire is completed with special lenses, which ensure the distribution of the light flux along the pedestrian crossing and eliminate the blinding of vehicle drivers.

Symbols T 7.3-1-DSU-___AT, T 7.3-2-DSU-___AT:

  • T 7.3-1-DSU-(75/85) - with one-way flashing yellow signal and one LED module, power 75 (85 W),
  • T 7.3-2-DSU-(75/85) - with a double-sided flashing yellow signal and one LED module, power 75 (85 W),
  • T 7.3-1-DSU-120 - with a one-way flashing yellow signal and two LED modules with a power of 120 W,
  • T 7.3-2-DSU-120 - with a double-sided flashing yellow signal and two LED modules, 120 W.

T 7.3-1 is used for one-way roads with up to three lanes inclusive. T 7.3-2 is used for roads with two lanes in each direction. The power of the lamp varies depending on the specific conditions of pedestrian crossings.

The devices are connected to a network with a rated voltage of 220V, 50Hz:

  • the traffic light must be connected to a 24-hour power supply,
  • the luminaire must be connected to the lighting network.

The devices have the ability to rotate the fixtures relative to the vertical axis by 20° in each direction, which makes it possible to shift the suspension relative to the pedestrian crossing. Recommended hanging height: 6 - 8 m.

MAIN SPECIFICATIONS SPPP-1-2-(75/85/120/165):


  • ­Rated voltage - 220 (± 40) V; 50 Hz
  • Power consumption of one section no more than 12 W
  • Application in climatic conditions from -40˚С to +60˚С
  • LED modules MS Ø 200 mm
  • Full service life of at least 20 years
  • Warranty period 5 years

LED LIGHT DKU 75/85/120

Name T 7.3-1-DSU-75(85) T 7.3-2-DSU-75(85) Т 7.3-1-DSU-120 Т 7.3-2-DSU-120
Rated power consumption, W, no more 75/85 75/85 120 120
Luminous flux, Lm, not less 8 300/9 200 8 300/9 200 13 800 13 800
Overall dimensions, mm, no more 460х325х260 460х325х500 690х475х252 690х435х510
Weight, kg, no more 5,8 8 7,8 10

  • Light source - Cree, Inc. LEDs.
  • Secondary optics LEDIL OY
  • Color temperature, K - 4 500 ÷ 5 700
  • Supply voltage - 220±30 V; 50 Hz
  • Power factor, not less than 0.95
  • Color rendering index, Ra, not less than 75
  • Ambient temperature range – from -40˚С to +55˚С
  • Class of protection against electric shock according to GOST12.2.007.0 - I
  • Degree of protection against environmental influences - IP 65