Traffic lights T1.3.TVCh2-01(T1.1.TVCh1-01) - AT

Traffic light equipment

Traffic lights T1.3.TVCh2-01-AT and T1.1.TVCh1-01-AT differs from usual traffic lights in the panel which is a built-in section of a signal of the yellow color displaying countdown remaining before switching off of red or green signals of the traffic light.

The color of countdown digital symbols corresponds to the color of the switched-on traffic light signal. At switching-on of a yellow signal or yellow and red signals of the traffic light, the section of a yellow signal operates as in the usual road traffic light.

Traffic lights T1.3.TVCh2-01-AT and T1.1.TVCh1-01-AT:

  • have traditional for drivers and pedestrians modification of traffic lights housing and don't demand installation of additional sections for countdown indication;
  • are compatible to all types of road controllers applied in Ukraine and within installation don't demand any modifying or reprogramming;
  • are made in all configurations and standard sizes and conform to all requirements of DSTU 4092-2002;
  • have matrix LED module thanks to which the continuous operation period of traffic lights increases by more than 20 years, and any possibility of the signals misperception by drivers with permissible visual defects or under large fields of view is also excluded;

The housing and hermetic LED modules are made separately that allow making if necessary their fast replacement and repair.


  • The diameter of a lens working face, mm 200/300
  • Nominal power supply voltage, V 220 +/-40
  • Power consumption of one section of the traffic light, W, no more than 12
  • Luminous intensity, Cd, not less:
    • red, green signals 200
    • yellow signal 300
  • Time figures size, mm, not less than 172х90/116х60
  • Range of ambient temperatures, ˚С from - 40 to +60

The traffic light T1.3.TVCh2-01-AT conforms to the TU U 31.6-14228451-007:2007 and all obligatory requirements of the national standard DSTU 4092-2002. Department of the State Automobile Inspectorate of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine by the letter No. 4/7-2925 of 18.03.2011 allowed usage of traffic lights T1.3-TVCh2-01-AT on roads of Ukraine.
The Certificate of Conformity No. UA.056.П.00100-19 is valid till 01.08.2021.
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