Traffic light control panel PKC-AT

Системи управління рухом

Traffic light control panel PKS-AT (next remote) designed for manual switching red or green signals displayed by a traffic light (or a group of traffic lights).

The remote control is designed for indoor or outdoor installation.

Carry out the entry of wires through sealing couplings or a bushing.

The input voltage is supplied to the terminals "In. Phase 220V" and "In. Neutral" of the internal terminal block.

The phase output voltage for the red section is supplied to the “Out. Red” terminal, for the green section to the “Out. Green” terminal, the “Out. Neutral” terminal is common for the neutral wires of the red and green sections.

Visual control of the presence of input and output voltage is carried out using signal indicators.

The control panel can be supplied in a version for traffic lights with a supply voltage of 220V, 12V, or 24V.


  • Supply voltage, V  220±20
  • Consumption power, W, no more 5
  • Overall dimensions L × W × H, mm, no more 160×120×100
  • Switched current, A, not more 2
  • Degree of protection, IP50

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