Sound Alarm Device PZS1-АТ

Системы управления движением

The PZS1-AT sound signaling device is designed to duplicate the light signals of a pedestrian traffic light with sound signals in order to help blind or visually impaired pedestrians locate a pedestrian crossing and perceive traffic signals.

PZS1-AT allows you to play both voice messages and various sound signals, melodies or metronome-type signals. The standard configuration of PZS1-AT provides several voice and sound modes. Their selection is carried out using a microswitch. Custom configurations are possible, with a choice of different sound signals, as well as voice messages containing street names.

The possibility of perception of traffic signals by a blind or visually impaired pedestrian is ensured by the issuance of certain sound signals during the turning on and off of the green signal of a pedestrian traffic light. When using the sound mode, this is a packet of repeated sound signals, the repetition frequency of which increases by the time the green traffic light turns off. When using the voice mode, these are messages that allow the transition (“Transition is allowed” or “Transition of Prospekt Mira is allowed”) with repetitions, the number of which is determined by the duration of the green traffic light; messages informing about the imminent turning off of the green traffic light ("Finish the transition"); messages prohibiting the transition when the green traffic light is turned off (“Transition is prohibited”), as well as messages informing about pressing the TVP button (“Wait for the transition”), if available.

The ability of a blind or visually impaired pedestrian to control the correctness of his direction of movement through the transition is ensured by the fact that sound messages are issued from the opposite side of the transition towards the correct direction of the transition, i.e. are also sound beacons.


Depending on the time of day, the device can change the volume of the reproduced sound signals in accordance with the set settings. During the operation of a pedestrian traffic light, PZS1-AT measures the duration of the green signal of the pedestrian traffic light, generates a package of sounds or voice messages of the transition corresponding to it in duration and voices it. When the traffic light object switches to the yellow flashing signal mode, the transmission of transition messages is terminated.




PZS1-AT is installed near a pedestrian traffic light. PZS1-AT is powered from the power supply circuits of the red and green signals of the pedestrian traffic light.




  • Transition beeps:
    • sound signal level, dB, not less than 90
    • maximum duration of voice messages, s. 60
    • number of operating modes, 8
  • Rated supply voltage, V 220±40
  • Power consumption, no more than, W 20

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