Road Controller DK-AT

Road controller DK-AT

Road controller DK-AT is designed to control traffic signals at a local (separate) intersection, has the ability to pre-program various time programs and the function of automatic self-diagnosis. DK-AT complies with the requirements of national standards of Ukraine DSTU

DK-AT significantly outperforms obsolete analog road controllers DKM, UK, DKL-A and the like in terms of functionality, technical and operational characteristics. DK-AT programming is carried out by operating personnel from a personal computer or laptop in a convenient online mode at the controller installation site.

If a spare (replaceable) control module is available, it can be autonomously (without a controller) and programmed in advance in any place convenient for the service personnel, then at the traffic light facility it will only be enough to replace the working control module with the controller.

The diskette with the software and the Operation Manual are included in the DK-AT delivery set.

DK-AT has four basic versions, differing in the number (from 1 to 4) of power modules, each of which has 8 independent output power circuits.

DK-AT can be additionally equipped with:

  • trusted electric meter;
  • spare (replaceable) control module;
  • an interface module with a pedestrian calling board TVP or with vehicle detectors;


  • The number of pre-recorded various time programs (by time of day, days of the week, etc.), activated automatically by the timer built into the DC - no more than eight
  • Service depending on execution 8, 16, 24 or 32 independent output power circuits
  • Protection of output power circuits against overloads and short circuits
  • Conflict-free switching on of a traffic light object and conflict-free automatic transition at specified time intervals of the day from the traffic control mode to the yellow flashing signal mode and vice versa
  • Blocking conflict situations with the transfer of a traffic light object to the “OS” mode (switching off traffic lights)
  • Monitoring the health of the output power circuits (provided for both lamp traffic lights and LED traffic lights with low current consumption)
  • Automatic self-diagnostics at power on and during operation with display of a non-compliance code on the built-in indicator (decoding of error codes is given in the DK-AT Operation Manual)

                                                              MAIN TECHNICAL CHARACTERISTICS DK-AT

  • Supply voltage - single-phase electrical network 220 V, frequency 50 Hz
  • Own power consumption - no more than 30 VA
  • Maximum current switched by each output power circuit - 3 A
  • The total maximum current switched by the output power circuits - 40 A
  • The interval for changing the duration of the main and auxiliary cycles is 1 ... 255 s
  • Switching cycle time regulation resolution - 1 s
  • Working range of ambient air temperature - from - 40 ˚С to + 65 ˚С

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