LED traffic lights SP2-200-AT and SP3-200-AT

Світлофорне обладнання

LED traffic light SP2-200-AT (type T6.1 according to DSTU 4092) is designed to provide in accordance with the control signals of the crossing signal two flashing red signals placed on one horizontal, prohibiting the movement of vehicles and pedestrians crossing the railways.

LED traffic light SP3-200-AT (type 6.5 according to DSTU 4092) differs from traffic light SP2-200-AT by the presence of the third moon-white signal, which is placed above the red signals and flashes when the red signals are turned off, indicating the serviceability of traffic lights.

LED traffic lights consist of LED heads GSP-200 (the number in the designation is equal to the standard size of the working part of the glass-diffuser in mm), installed on the riser. The option of mounting the riser (on a separate foundation or on a moving barrier of a certain type) is stipulated when ordering.


  • Lighting parameters meet the requirements of DSTU 4092.
  • Performance is provided both at power supply from 10 to 14 V eff of alternating current or rectified without smoothing of pulsations of voltage of a power supply network of 50 Hz, and at power supply of voltage from 10 to 14 V of direct current (reserve power supply).
  • Rated supply current - 0.72 A (corresponds to the operating current of the "fire" relay of the traffic light control signaling).
  • Has a cold control circuit.
  • Interchangeability on installation sizes, power supply and control circuits with lamp heads of moving lens traffic lights like SP without any constructive improvements of risers and changes of existing schemes of the crossing signaling of management of traffic lights is provided.
  • Range of working temperatures of ambient air - from minus 40 to plus 60 ° C.
  • The average operating time for failure is at least 50,000 hours.
  • The full average service life is at least 20 years.

LED heads meet the requirements of TU U 31.6-14228451-011: 2007 and all mandatory requirements of the national standard DSTU 4092-2002, DSTU4178-2003 (safety level 3). Certificate of conformity № UA.ХОДС.07.0346-20 is valid until 08.08.2021.
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