Lighting control cabinet NEW

Шафа управління освітленням

The cabinet control is based on a real-time microprocessor timer about the geographical latitude of the area and automatic winter-summer time conversion. The lighting control cabinet has the ability to program additional commands up to 70, including calendar holidays, etc.

The cabinet itself operates in automatic mode with the ability to remotely control the switching on-off lighting, as well as with the ability to transmit data about the load using a gsm modem. Also, the cabinet also has the ability to connect to SCADA systems - software using the modbass protocol or other.

General specifications:

  1. Power consumption up to 30 W
  2. Output power for 1 channel up to 50A 220 V 50-60 Hz

There can be several control channels for different loads. From 1 to 4 channels with its own software control in stand-alone mode or via gsm communication with a PC.

Cabinets can be of various modifications for different requirements with measurement of temperature, humidity, data transmission via gsm-modem to the personal PC.

When ordering specialized software, objects can be drawn objects on a city map visible on a PC.