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LED Lighting

  • Outdoor lighting fixtures

    Lighting of roads, streets, yard areas, pedestrian crossings, parks, stops, railway platforms, car parks, protected areas, etc.

  • Lamps indoor lighting

     Lighting entrances, stairwells, offices, corridors, basements, barns and other ancillary facilities, regular and evacuation lighting.

  • LED spotlights

    LED spotlights used for illumination of squares and courtyards, video monitoring locations, billboards, architectural forms and buildings, joint use with movement and dusk sensors

  • Lighting control systems


  • Traffic Lights

    Designed to supply, in accordance with the control commands, light signals that regulate the movement of vehicles and pedestrians across the intersection.

  • Traffic light modules and time panels

    Designed to display the time remaining until the end of flashing the red, green colors of road traffic in the middle (yellow) section of lights.

  • Traffic Control Systems

    Traffic controllers designed to control the traffic lights on the local (separate) intersection.

  • Railroad crossing traffic lights

    Designed to supply, in accordance with the control signals, crossing signaling that prohibits, moving vehicles and pedestrians are crossing over the railroad tracks.

  • Road Signs
    Road signs intended to inform and warn road users

Development and production

Development and production

The company develops and manufactures lighting products based on light-emitting diodes and electronic equipment for manufacturing and technical purposes.



All products of the company correspond to the modern technical and technological level. Element base - modern electronic components from leading manufacturers.


DSTU ISO 2001:2009

The company has developed, implemented and certified in UkrSePrO quality management system in accordance with DSTU ISO 2001:2009 (ISO 2001:2008)

logotip asso

LLC "ATILOS" - the founder of the association of Ukraine LED equipment manufacturers. The union in the direction of the scientific and technological development of LED industry.


LLC "ATILOS" took part in Cree LEDs Branding Program and became Cree Partner. Cree Branded Partner for Roadway and Parking lighting